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Kristin Webster Lee- Worth A 1000 Words studios 913-484-2873.jpg

Kristin is the owner here at Worth a 1000 Words. She started this business in 2010. Kristin grew up in Kansas City.  Kristin is also a realtor and mother of two beautiful babies which you might see photos of throughout the studio. Besides being at the studio, Kristin enjoys spending time with her family. 

Owner • Editor • Everything Under the Sun!


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Kristina is the manager and editor here at Worth a 1000 Words. She has been with us since 2011!  Before we opened, she worked at Studio 101 with Kristin. Kristina has lived in Topeka all her life. She attended Washburn Tech and is mom to daughter Zoey and wife to her husband Blake. Kristina and Blake are welcoming their first child together in September 2021. Besides being at the studio, Kristina loves spending time with her family, boating, kayaking, going on day trips around Kansas and other nearby places, being an avid soccer mom, photographing the places she travels, and doing photography outside the studio to continue learning new things to bring here. Kristina say’s “My favorite part about working at Worth a 1000 Words would be the relationships I form with my clients. Getting to watch their families grow through the years and capturing the perfect photo makes me feel proud knowing that I am capturing that special moment that they will treasure for a lifetime.”

Manager • Editor • Photographer


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