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Spring Portraits with Bunnies!

Yes, we are in the Midwest, and our weather can be warm one day, and snowing the next day- but Spring is coming!

With Spring comes the baby bunnies!

We are so excited for the baby animals to make their way into our studio for another great Spring Portrait year!

All About the Bunnies

Our baby bunnies will be in the studio on select dates in February, March, and April! Below is the dates that the bunnies will be in the studio this year!

You won't want to miss out on this truly unique portrait experience! It is absolutely priceless to capture the reactions your kiddos have when interacting with the bunnies!

Our bunnies are professionally trained and come with our "bunny ladies" who assist during your session to help everything run smoothly. They are raised around people and are very gentle and interactive.

Since we have trained bunnies that come to our studio, there is a $20 session fee to book your appointment! Sessions are 30 minutes long and are full of fuzzy bunnies!

Packages start at $64.95 and go up from there! Please call 785-271-7000 to book your appointment.

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