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You Want to Wear What?

One misconception about taking professional portraits is that all of your outfits have to be exactly the same. While this look is still valid, there are so many different color combinations and styles you can choose for your family!

Tips For Choosing Your Outfits

1. Have a color scheme and stick to it!

Mix and match colors so everyone coordinates- but has their own style.

2. Have a background color in mind.

Think about your home decor! If you have warm, rich colors on your walls-

don't choose a cool toned background! White and grey backgrounds are

really versatile and go with a lot of wall colors.

3. Dress comfortably!

If you don't like heels, don't wear heels! If your child doesn't like wearing jeans, try to accommodate! You don't want grumpy kids during your portrait session! Emotion comes through portraits, so if you are uncomfortable- it will show!

4. Avoid Too Many Patterns

Some pattern in your outfits can add a little dimension and flair to your portraits- but try to combine solid colors with patterns. Also, try to stay away from patterns- like polka dots and stripes! It will be too distracting!

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